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Lily Loh

Lily L. Loh was born in China and has lived in four continents. She attended St. Mary College in Leavenworth, Kansas, and received her B.S. from Purdue University in Indiana and M.A. from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. After graduation, Lily worked as a designer for Vanity Fair in New York City before her family moved to California. She taught 21 years of Chinese cooking in the North County area and had two cooking TV shows: “Quick Woking” and “Healthy Woking.” In 1997, after her retirement, she and her husband joined the Peace Corps and lived in the Slovak Republic for 2 years and traveled all over the world before coming back to California in 1999. Lily is now a prayer minister at St. James Church in Solana Beach and at the Christian Healing Center in Vista. She is a member of the Order of St. Luke and the Association of Christian Therapists. She has authored 3 books. Her hobbies include exercise, dancing, bridge, tennis, movies, theater, knitting, crocheting, bible study and traveling. She has two grown children and three grandsons.



Heather Cameron

From a coconut plantation in Papua, New Guinea, Heather Cameron, a Catholic lay apostle depends on Gods voice to lead her as she goes about theordinary details of her professional life. Her professional history is too great totell all, however she is an adjunct professor at John Paul II the Great University;she has been practicing law for many years, and prior to that she worked forinternational development and various non-profit organizations.She began an intimate dialogue with Christ while serving with the Salesians ofSt. John Bosco in Papua, New Guinea many years ago and she will share howshe has continued to grow spiritually through the offering of her activities andwork to God each day.Heather is a woman whose energy for God’s work is boundless. In the San Diegoarea she has spent a lot of her energy working to provide quality education tostudents in low-income areas throughout the County. Her presentation will leadus through the peaks and valleys of her life, as an apostle at work in the secularworld. She will share the words of some of the spiritual giants who have shapedher prayer life and will share her strategy for trying to grow in holiness everyday on her journey with Christ, employing the tools used by the lay faithful forthe millennia. more


IMother Antonia

IDr. Ronda Chervin .